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    Thank you for visiting our website and thank you to this company continue to vigorously support!
    The Yutian new joint Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, the joint efforts of the leadership of the company and all employees, the company continued to grow and develop, enjoy a high reputation in the industry. But we know that these are the customers, and we will continue our efforts to provide customers with more competitive products. From the initial venture to today's brilliant, has gone through nearly a decade of ups and ups and downs course, after all the staff worked hard, aggressive, and finally won today's hard-won fruits of my company in the field of printing and packaging design has accumulated a wealth experience, with a large number of advanced designs, excellent mechanical and technical personnel. The company has a large number of machining equipment to meet the different needs of customers. A variety of processing equipment, basic NC, printing and packaging machinery accessories of the Company has formed a standardized and scientific management ...
    Thank you for your support, I continue the spirit of "customer first, quality first, people-oriented" principle, to take more than the number of the principle of low-cost, low price, high quality, dedicated service to our customers.
    On behalf of all the staff again for your support!


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